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Backup and synchronize local folders, remote directories, cloud drives and more
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SyncBackPro is a backup and synchronization utility that allows you to keep your important files secure and restore them if for whatever reason they got lost. The program can work not only with local files and folders but also with those on cloud drives, remote directories (through the FTP protocol), MTP devices and even with e-mail messages/files located on remote servers.

The program was designed with both standard and expert users in mind, offering different interfaces for each type of user. You can create and maintain multiple backup or synchronization jobs, called "profiles", and schedule them to be automatically executed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. However, this feature uses the Windows Task Scheduler engine and you need to provide your administrator password to be able to use it. Also, the program implements a versioning system that allows you to recover old versions of a file, even if you modified it and already backed it up.

SyncBackPro provides a practical wizard for creating new backup/sync profiles. It allows you to define the profile name, its type (backup, synchronize or mirror), and the source and destination types which can be local paths, network paths, MTP and other external devices, remote FTP/FTPS/SFTP directories, e-mail servers and multiple cloud-storage services including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and others. Once you create a profile, the "Profile Setup" window is automatically launched and it can be toggled between the simple and the expert modes. The former allows you to define the source and destination locations/parameters, schedule the profile and change its type, while the expert mode allows you to configure much more technical parameters such as the compression level and the encryption method for your backups, the files replacement policies and the creation of customized scripts when the location type supports them.

In short, SyncBackPro is one of the most complete tools when it comes to backing up, synchronizing or mirroring your important files and folders. The program offers you countless possibilities and can perfectly act as a cloud-drive client for the most renowned providers of that kind of service, allowing you to even combine them. In addition, SyncBackPro can backup locked or opened files and it even detects and reports drive failure events automatically.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Works with multiple types of local and remote locations
  • Backups e-mail messages and files from e-mail servers
  • Implements a versioning system for your backed up files
  • Offers different interfaces for standard and expert users
  • Supports multiple backup and synchronization methods
  • Creates compressed and encrypted backups
  • Supports scripting for certain types of locations
  • Acts as a cloud-drive client for the most renowned providers
  • Backups locked and opened files
  • Detects and reports drive failure events automatically


  • Uses Windows Task Scheduler engine for scheduling your backup profiles
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